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Exberry Launches Nebula, The First Cloud-Native Exchange Platform to Support any Asset

Exberry Launches Nebula, The First Cloud-Native Exchange Platform to Support any Asset

Nebula by Exberry is a unique turnkey solution that provides its clients & partners a full exchange and marketplace solution; A to Z. The core components of any exchange & marketplace is the central limit order book & matching engine, which Nebula by Exberry is centered around, with critical components integrated out of the box. Nebula is drastically lowering the barrier of entry for both existing and traditional capital markets players and new digital securities and digitized assets marketplaces.

Nebula: Key Features

Exberry found a way to rapidly and efficiently launch their exchange & marketplace with a better solution. Nebula is efficient in its cloud-native architecture, being asset agnostic, elastic, scalable, and revolutionizing time to market in allowing anyone to launch their market faster and better in a matter of days. From onboarding end-users, managing their funds, and accessing the system via a lean and easy-to-use configurable trading UI, advanced tracking capabilities, reporting, advanced wallet capabilities, and much more.

Asset Agnostic

Nebula by Exberry is asset agnostic and supports all assets from stocks through bonds, commodities, Crypto to NFT’s and any other digitized assets you can dream of.

Cloud-Native System, Delivered as SaaS

“Similar to all Exberry solutions, this is a cloud-native system, delivered as SaaS (software as a service), so clients can focus only on establishing their business and operate their markets while trusting the tech side to Exberry. Here as well, Nebula by Exberry enables exchanges and market operators to define, configure and launch a market within days”. Says Co-founder and CEO Guy Melamed.


About Company:

Exberry delivers a purpose-built exchange infrastructure regardless of the asset class or opportunity and sits at the heart of your market. The deep-tech SaaS solution is deployed to enhance existing exchanges’ limited capabilities or to serve as the base for the trading of any new assets.
Exberry helps exchange pioneers and marketplaces at all levels and of all sizes launch, pivot, break ground, and scale. Unlike any other technology provider, Exberry delivers a blend of exchange and trading technology expertise for secondary market models, combining entrepreneurial pedigree and corporate strength.

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