tea Protocol Announces Incentivized Testnet Launch, Setting a New Paradigm in Open-Source Software

San Francisco, Puerto Rico, January 29th, 2024, Chainwire The tea Protocol has announced the launch of its highly anticipated Incentivized Testnet on February 21st, 2024. The tea Protocol seamlessly bridges Web2 open-source codebases to Web3 to enhance their sustainability and provide fair rewards to open-source developers. Additionally, tea provides developers access to its incentivized community of vulnerability reporters and is […]

Devour.io Announces Tech Analyst and Media Expert Paul Barron as Advisor

Phoenix, United States, January 29th, 2024, Chainwire Devour, the transformative next-gen web3 food ordering and engagement platform, today announced the addition of Paul Barron as a strategic advisor. Barron brings a wealth of experience and expertise across technology, media, and web3, making him a valuable asset to Devour’s leadership team. Barron is the CEO and Analyst of the Paul Barron […]

Lif3 Accelerates DeFi Adoption and Innovation with BitFinex Listing

Roadtown, British Virgin Islands, January 25th, 2024, Chainwire Followed by LIF3’s Token Migration to Ethereum Network for Enhanced Market Accessibility Today, $LIF3 (pronounced Life), a ground-breaking and complete omni-chain DeFi Layer-1 Curated Blockchain ecosystem, announces its recent listing on Bitfinex (https://trading.bitfinex.com/t/LIF3:USD), a premier digital asset trading platform, after recently migrating to the Ethereum Network from Fantom.  This announcement coincides with […]

Sui Foundation and Mysten Labs Debut Sui Basecamp, the First Ever Global Conference for Sui

Palo Alto, USA, January 23rd, 2024, Chainwire Inaugural Sui ecosystem event comes to Paris April 10-11, 2024 Today, Sui Foundation and Mysten Labs announced Sui Basecamp, the first global conference dedicated to the Sui ecosystem, and a celebration of the builders and entrepreneurs building on Sui, the Layer 1 blockchain and smart contract platform the initial contributors of which are […]

Nuvo Unveils Nuscription: Revolutionizing Blockchain Trading

Toronto, Canada, January 19th, 2024, Chainwire In the dynamic world of blockchain technology, Nuvo has indelibly marked its presence with the successful launch of Nuscription, a pioneering Ethscription platform within the Metis ecosystem. Since its introduction, Nuscription has not just met but surpassed expectations, establishing itself as a pivotal force in blockchain innovation. Nuscription: Revolutionizing Blockchain Trading Nuscription swiftly emerged […]

Revolutionizing Digital Marketing: Payvertise Leads with NFTs and $PVT Token for Transparent, Engaging Ad Spaces

Granite city, United States, January 9th, 2024, Chainwire In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, the integration of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) marks a significant turning point. Leading this innovative wave is Payvertise with its $PVT token, ushering in a new era where transparency and engagement are not just goals, but realities. This movement isn’t just about adopting new technology; it’s […]