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XT.COM to Celebrate Easter by Launching the Easter Carnival

XT.COM to Celebrate Easter by Launching the Easter Carnival

With its special Easter event, XT.COM, the world’s first socially infused digital asset trading platform, has decided to reward its loyal community. Easter is one of the most important traditional holidays in Western countries, observed every year in the spring. Easter falls on April 17th this year, and the day will be a celebration of the beginning of a new life for people. This year, XT will use the theme “Easter Eggs” to host several events, including an Easter egg hunt and other marketing campaigns to incentivize its users. 

The Easter-themed events will take place from April 14th to April 21st. Activities include the XT Easter Opening, Easter Egg Hunts, Easter Lucky Eggs, and the XT Easter Feast. 

The Easter opening event would be centered on social media platforms such as Twitter, Telegram, and Discord and would go live on April 14th. The inaugural event would begin with a quiz session and last seven days, with a prize pool from The Amaze World and Pikacrypto to reward winners. 

The Easter egg hunts would be geared primarily toward children and would take place from April 14th to 16th. The first person to find an egg in each color will receive a $20 XT token. In addition, whoever finds all six eggs at a recorded linear number of 1, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 will be rewarded with 100$ worth of XT. To be eligible for this event, users must follow the XT official Twitter page and visit once the egg hunt event begins to find different eggs on different pages. 

From April 16 to 18, there will be the XT Easter Lucky Egg event. Participants can find eight different colors of XT Easter eggs via the lucky XT Easter Eggs page and stand a chance to win rewards worth up to 1 Eth. The prize pool consists of 1 ETH, 10,000 $Galaxy, 3,000 $TP, 3,000 $XWC and 3,000 $XT. 

Finally, the final event, XT Easter Feast, which includes trading competitions, staking, and savings, would last two week starting from April 14th and extending to April 28th. Eleven promising blockchain projects, including ARTEX, ERON PROJECT, Lucretius, Lifetime, Smart Pay, Talkado, MJACK Swap, Metavault DAO, Pomi Coin, KYC, Primal Network, have joined in the XT Easter Feast to celebrate Easter with XT users. 

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