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Animalia Launches Game Demo and Marketplace

Animalia Launches Game Demo and Marketplace

With the recent game demo release, Animalia launches their Marketplace with buy and sell features, with additional functionality in the pipeline as the game develops. The Marketplace is now ready for the public to trade, and the NFTitans are in-store for those who wish to own it.

“The soundtrack is inspired by the instability of the bear market, which is reflected in the use of low registers in the melody as a metaphor.” Bill Chua, the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Animalia explained after revealing one of the in-game soundtracks during the game demo event. The video showcased a glimpse into the Animalia universe of Shib, the unassuming Shiba Inu, and the battle of the Titans. It also demonstrated the gameplay mechanics in which gamers choose their “Titan” and take turns playing cards in their hands to cast powerful spells, equip mighty gemstones, or summon critters to battle on their behalf.

Aside from competing against each other in a classic card game, players could also trade or rent their in-game assets on the marketplace. The in-game rewards system enables gamers to unlock certain in-game assets as their game progresses. “This is where the Play-To-Earn model truly comes into play with the launch of the Marketplace.” said Eddy Lim, the Co-Founder and the Co-CEO of Animalia.

Animalia is an independent free-to-play online NFT trading card game featuring crypto-inspired meme creatures and gemstones. The launch of Game Demo and Marketplace are the most recent milestones in Animalia’s roadmap. In Q2, collectors and fans can look forward to further development, including a Closed Beta Release, Genesis Edition NFT sales, and Workshop that allows the creation of unique customisable skins, templates and items for inclusion in the Animalia Kingdom.

If you are interested to own an NFTitan with exclusive perks, visit the Animalia Marketplace now

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