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Introducing Biken, a Brand New Move-to-Earn Project that Might Set a New Ride-to-Earn Trend

Introducing Biken, a Brand New Move-to-Earn Project that Might Set a New Ride-to-Earn Trend

Biken is one of the first Ride-to-Earn games on Binance Smart Chain that uses Web3.0 App interface and advanced algorithm to pay out Biken crypto while you ride with our NFT bikes.

With Biken, you are monetized while keeping your daily rides to work, work out or exploring the cryptic trails in your town. 

Biken provides the best passive income terminology when you are not getting paid while you sleep but pursuing a perfect body and healthy lifestyle. We call this Ride-to-Earn, a modern definition of Compound Interest.

Biken is born with a mission: Replace sedentary grinding with fitness, keeping $BIKEN Holders healthy in the time where the domination of technology makes people more lazy.

You can participate in $BIKEN INO private sale, a completely different presale we have ever seen compared to others. They will offer a mystery box in the INO phase, not a token.

There are different levels of boxes that come with different price tags but of course, the higher value box the higher rewards. You will get the chance to buy the boxes in our presale phase that will randomly open for:

  • Biken NFT collection 
  • $BIKEN token with the amount corresponds to the value of the box.
  • NFT is used for staking to get Energy Drink (used for faster NFT waiting time), the rarer the NFT, the higher chance to get rarer Energy Drinks.
  • The price of the box varies with the opening chance. The more expensive the box, the higher chance to open for the rarer NFTs. And the protocol is carefully-designed by the team to make all investment worth every penny of it.

This brand new protocol has solved the problem of inflation that every decentralized project has been facing. They mint the Energy Drinks instead of tokens for their staking features, making the $BIKEN price stable over time.

Biken also has a strong Roadmap that has been set to develop at least to the end of 2022. However, we do not think they will stop there. With a unique protocol and talented devs, this is by far will become one of the strongest Move-to-Earn tokens in the future that will change the world ecosystem. Boosting physical fitness and getting paid while exercising, help to reduce the laziness of humans in the Industry Internet of Things 4.0 (IIoT) period.





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