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The Nifty Way Galaxy Project: the New NFT entrepreneurship that Will Take You to the space Keeps Growing

The Nifty Way Galaxy Project: the New NFT entrepreneurship that Will Take You to the space Keeps Growing

The Nifty Way Galaxy Project is a world made up of Nifties, they are the aliens of the galaxy. These aliens are special because they are a society that has been watching the human race since years ago, and they are attracted by their behavior and their look, this is why they dress and act like humans. It is a world with 10,000 aliens that imitate humans very well, but they also look very different between them, they have different characteristics and clothes, each one of them has a total different thought about what fashion is, so it is detailed in the designs. They are detailed pieces of art. Each of the works of art features an extraterrestrial, cartoon-style design.

A group of experts in different areas develops this world. Among these areas, you can find design, cryptocurrencies, management, marketing and web design, the team is conformed by illustrators, content creators, programmers, graphic designers, backend and frontend web developers, creative, and social media experts. This is a group of 30 people that have the skills needed to create that rare and unique art collection of NFTs and they all have experience working on projects that include different interrelated areas.

The aliens are special tokens and they reward their owners with exclusive content and merchandise, such as limited-rare NFT collections, surprise airdrops, engaging and interactive activities, mystery quests, ETH prizes and more exciting perks of ownership. It is important to know that an algorithm randomly selects and generates each token and sorts all the traits based on rarity statistical probabilities and restrictions, this ensures the exclusivity of each Niftie.

The project has great growth in Latin American community, both in the USA and in the whole continent, and thanks to the receptivity of this collection, the team is studying to create a new collection with the same Nifties but with new updates, such as 3D designs. But the biggest plan is to grow around the world, in order to give everyone the opportunity of having benefits thanks to the Nifties.

Its numbers are still growing day by day, the pre-sale sold out in 18 hours. It motivates the whole team to continue creating tokens to satisfy the needs of new tokens enthusiasts.

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