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Cryptounit Blockchain Lists on P2PB2B

Cryptounit Blockchain Lists on P2PB2B

What is Cryptounit Blockchain?

CryptoUnit Blockchain is a blockchain company composed of not just specialists, but developers of the highest calibre in IT and digital assets. They created software built on EOSIO that is the foundation for a new Cryptounit Blockchain architecture which allows for the vertical and horizontal scaling of applications linking decentralized finance with the real economy (DeFi).

Cryptounit Blockchain has been operating uninterrupted for more than 7,200 hours since March 2021, when it started issuing CRU and UNTB. It has proven its usability and reliability to users from more than 175 countries through more than 917,000 virtual wallets. More than 10.5 billion CRU tokens and more than 8.1 billion UNTB tokens have been released.

What makes it special?

Cryptounit Blockchain users are not only creating business accounts on the platform, but many are already using this technology to set up their own businesses. It has two types of blockchain-based tokens – CRU and UNTB. Those tokens can be owned and held by anyone.

UNTB utility token is a system token created to work on the blockchain. Users can use it for transactions on Cryptounit Blockchain, to pay commissions on an external exchange, and to issue new coins and tokens.

CRU collateral tokens give clients the power to receive funding, so they can get the funding they need. Perfect for startups, new businesses, existing businesses, or developing an existing business with collateral. Whenever you purchase a blockchain-based personal business account, you have the option of issuing your own tokens and keeping your records in compliance with legal requirements. Additionally, CRU can also be used for staking, receiving technical tokens in exchange for staking, and for asset purchasing at face value.

Soon, Cryptounit Blockchain will be available for trading on the P2PB2B exchange. Join the project’s community now and prepare for its upcoming listing!

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