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GOmetalaunch Concludes Private Sales, Plans For The Future

GOmetalaunch Concludes Private Sales, Plans For The Future

The GOmetalaunch Team is proud to announce the conclusion of its $URGO Token Private sale, which ended successfully.

A total of 77 wallets participated in the Private Sale, and 186,531.5 ADA was raised in the Private Sales.

These proceeds will go into product and project development, strategic partnerships, the wallet build and then exchange listing preparations.

GoMeta team is glad to have a community that also share in the vision of the GOmeta Team, as proven so far, it is a community of love and oneness, and that is all the motivation that the team needs. This was further shown when the Website and sales page was down.

The team gained immense support from the actual investors on the Platform despite continued efforts by the malignant bunch of fudders to discredit and bring the project down.

The team aims to always commit to delivering on their roadmap and to make sure that GOmetalaunch is a force to be contended with in the DEfi space.

In the coming days, more updates will be released regarding the wallet build by the team.

The new UI/UX design of the Launchpad will also be released.

The Staking pool for the ISPO is being worked on and will be made available to the Community in the coming days.

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