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WinWinCoins About to Hit the Market with Its Pre-Sale Launch

WinWinCoins About to Hit the Market with Its Pre-Sale Launch

WinWinCoins will categorize users into two groups:

  • Experts in trading robots who can upload their algorithms to the site
  • Cryptocurrency investors who have no prior expertise in the sector.

As a DeFi platform, WinWinCoins will allow investors to benefit from the collective knowledge of all trading robot professionals. The project presents itself as an outstanding initiative, so its $2WC pre-sale operation will probably attract much attention.

What Do We Know About the $2WC Presale?

The team officially announced that early investors would be able to get their hands on $2WC from March 25th to June 21st.

In order to promote early investment, 40 billion tokens will be available for purchase within the first three months. The WinWinCoins team will handle the sales request, with the group providing the necessary information to proceed.

The system will feature a 1-year token lockup through its smart contracts, activated on 25% of the allocated coins. The team defined a soft market cap equal to 7,000 $BNB and a hard cap set to 16,000 $BNB.

The 12-month lockup system will work as follows:

  • No lock-up will occur for amounts falling below $10,000.
  • A 3-month lock-up plan will begin for amounts lower than $25,000 (and higher than $10,000).
  • The $25,000-$50,000 level will see the application of a 6-month lock-up period.
  • Smart contracts will trigger a 9-month lock-up period in the $50,000-$100,000 area.
  • The one-year lock-up mechanism mentioned before will come into place once the system reaches the $100,000-$250,000 zone.

A Closer Look Into the Token

The token will go live on PancakeSwap right after the pre-sale phase. The project’s smart contracts will prevent anyone from selling over 50,000,000 tokens per transaction, a common anti-whale, and anti-bot strategy.

Each $2WC sale will lead to the application of a 9% tax, divided among the following purposes:

  • Feeding 3% to a performance pool:
  • Transferring 3% of the transactions to the liquidity pool
  • Triggering a 2% token redistribution among $2WC holders
  • Inducing deflation by burning 1% of the tokens per transaction

The team designed a performance distribution mechanism, with 75% of the funds going to investors. Robot owners cover a vital role in WinWinCoins’ ecosystem, and the team is aware of that. Consequently, they will transfer 15% of the funds to them.

The performance pool will receive another 5% of the tokens, and the team decided to donate the remaining 5% to charitable causes.

About WinWinCoins

The mission of WinWinCoins is to make cryptocurrency trading as straightforward and hassle-free as possible. The concept brings together specialized and complementary activities in the crypto realm. Overall, the founders wish to provide consumers with a comprehensive and qualitative trading experience.

An investor intentioned to open a position would choose a robot from a list of possibilities on this platform. Each robot will have a performance score and risk evaluation, a concept that will apply to investors too.

In exchange for a successful performance, robot specialists will receive a share of the profits. WinWinCoins will be a unique distributed financial infrastructure investment platform putting its stakeholders before anything else and leveraging new technologies.

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