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House of Gaming Announces its Partnership with Blockchain Giant Polygon, Through ‘Hefty Games’

House of Gaming Announces its Partnership with Blockchain Giant Polygon, Through ‘Hefty Games’

With this launch, Hefty Games aims to kickstart and fuel the Gaming & NFT ecosystem, and blockchain gaming in India with exclusive P2E (Play to Earn) games and a plethora of unique utilities.

As the owner of intellectual property rights of the first set of influencers, Hefty Games will soon be announcing its first drop of NFT’s. This much-awaited auction of India’s inaugural digital collectibles/ NFTs will be followed by the foray of other gaming superstars into the Hefty Metaverse. Via this association, Hefty Games has established itself as a one-stop destination that facilitates the movement of all forms of digital art in the gaming realm onto the blockchain. To commemorate the announcement, the Gamers will join the competitive Esports platform IGL – Indian Gaming League, to host together a unique on-ground tournament soon,  open for all. The winners will be awarded exclusive prizes and a chance to be whitelisted for the exclusive NFT drop.

Hefty Games is a collaboration between House of Gaming and Polygon, House of Gaming is a new-age tech company with an endeavor to redefine the e-sport sector in India, known for IGL – Indian Gaming League, its competitive Esports platform, as well as Polygon – the leading platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development that will engage gaming enthusiasts and bring them closer to the biggest names in the industry, Hindustan Talkies – a media content conglomerate transforming entertainment across e-sports, games and blockchain technology. Hungama – one of the largest digital media entertainment companies in South Asia, The enterprise was launched via the drop of an all-explainer video featuring the gamer trio.

 In addition to the above, Hefty’s collaboration with eDAO, an entertainment and creator-focused entity, will support the growth of the Hefty Ecosystem enabling users to interact and engage with their favourite gamers and artists. With more high-end creations in the pipeline, Hefty Gaming looks to enable users with access to the Metaverse that is a perfect synergy of all things gaming and entertainment.

Yash Pariani, Co-Founder and CEO of House of Gaming, further added, “With this joining of hands between the three forerunners of the gaming fraternity and Hefty Games, we are ready to lead this innovation into Web 3.0 and the metaverse. This much-awaited drop of India’s inaugural digital collectibles in the gaming zone would set in motion a series of drops by other gaming superstars who would feature in the Hefty Metaverse.”

Speaking about the new offering, Siddhartha Roy, CEO – Hungama Digital Media commented, “2022 has opened an eventful slate for us, and we are excited about launching Hefty Games for the burgeoning tribe of Metaverse enthusiasts. With pioneers of the YouTube gaming community – Lokesh Gamer, Gyan Gaming & Two Side Gamers – on board, we are confident of revolutionizing Web 3.0 in the country.”

Sharing his thoughts, Sandeep Nailwal from Polygon commented, “With today’s announcement, we have been able to expand the horizon for the gaming community of India. Through Hefty Games, we have enabled gamers to monetise their worth further, and engage their followers better.”

Ashish Chowdhry, Co-Founder, Hindustan Talkies, commented, “With Hefty Games, we are now enabling gamers to create value –. After the phenomenal response we received to Hefty Entertainment and Hefty Art, we are confident about the success that awaits Hefty Games.”

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eDao is an entertainment and creator economy focused DAO designed to bring the Media, Entertainment, Fine Art and Gaming industry to the world of Web3 and create the world’s next-generation entertainment collective. Built-in collaboration with Polygon Studios and genesis partners like Hungama, eDAO funds and supports NFT projects and launches from your favourite celebrities, music labels, film studios, artists, gamers and content creators co-created with flourishing Web3 communities.

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