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Smart Donation Coin: The first SocialFi Platform That Helps Bloggers Monetize Content

Smart Donation Coin: The first SocialFi Platform That Helps Bloggers Monetize Content

The digital content creation market depends on two parties: content makers and advertisers. Here, creators make in-demand content, and advertisers buy advertising materials and count on the attention of the blogger’s audience. Every year, the market for such advertising materials is growing by 9.5% and by 2027, its capitalization will reach 24,160,000 US dollars.

But does the growing market result in an increase in the income of content creators?

Unfortunately, not always. While social networks make a lot of money from advertising, only a small part of these revenues goes to creators. Many content creators can hardly recoup their activities until they gain an impressive number of subscribers.

But what if you don’t have 1,000,000 Instagram followers yet?

You can wait patiently for a letter from the first advertiser, or you can monetize content here and now by completing simple tasks from advertisers. Even when you have only 1000 subscribers! We will tell you about a project that creates this opportunity in this post.

Smart Donation Coin: Simple monetization for influencers

Smart Donation Coin is a DeFi project on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain, which provides bloggers with a unique opportunity to earn money on their content. With the help of a simple system of donations and monetization, creators can receive passive income while doing what they love. The platform itself looks for advertisers and publishes advertising tasks in a convenient interface. All that a blogger has to do is to complete the task that he or she is interested in.

Smart Donation Coin works like an advertising exchange, but without the disadvantages of similar non-crypto currency services. For example, the low gas fee in the BSC blockchain allows you to reduce commissions as much as possible. The decentralized structure allows you to make the exchange process between the creator and the advertiser as transparent as possible.

Payment on the Smart Donation Coin platform is made by unfreezing pre-charged SDC tokens. We will explain in more detail below.

1. Account Connection

If you are a blogger, you can register on the Smart Donation Coin website and request account verification. All you need is to attach a link to the main account with the content you want to monetize. You can connect different social networks: YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram and Tiktok. The rest of the social networks will be integrated in the future, depending on the wishes of the community.

2. Crypto Wallet Connection

While your account is being verified, you can connect a wallet. Since the Smart Donation Coin platform runs on BSC, you can connect cold type wallet Trust Wallet. This option will help you receive your tokens after passing the verification.

3. Accrual of Tokens

Immediately after the verification, SDC tokens will be credited to your wallet. The number of tokens accrued depends on your audience in a ratio of 1:10. For example, if you have 10,000 subscribers on YouTube, then you will receive 1,000 SDC tokens. These tokens are frozen, i.e. you cannot exchange them for another asset.

4. Tokens Unfreezing

To unfreeze tokens, a blogger can perform simple advertising tasks. With each completed task, a predetermined amount of tokens will be unfrozen, which means that it can be exchanged for another cryptocurrency, or left for staking.

Yes, staking will be available on Smart Donation Coin! It will help not only bloggers but also anyone interested in this receive passive income. By buying SDC tokens, it will be possible to earn income based on the PoS algorithm embedded in the BSC blockchain.

One of the main goals of Smart Donation Coin is to create a community of creators, subscribers and crypto enthusiasts who will be able to communicate, follow their favorite content and monetize their blog. This opens up new horizons for the free and independent life of those who follow their dreams!

More information about the Smart Donation Coin project can be found here:

Website — White Paper — Telegram — Twitter — Instagram

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