MetaOneVerse is taking crypto, NFT & Metaverse by storm, announcing a hyper deflationary reward-based token, using NFT, Metaverse & Blockchain Technologies

MetaOneVerse is a HyperDeflationary Token and full-stack ecosystem with such modules as MetaVerse Development, Staking, NFT Marketplace, Play to Earn Games & Blockchain.

This project provides a rewarding token to benefit holders with BUSD dividends for holding their token with amazing staking APY. They also have advanced dex coming with many features where investors can earn any bsc-pegged tokens by staking their M1Verse tokens.

MetaOneVerse is backed by big investors: UpsilonInvestment, Earnodot, and Capitoinvesta.

MetaOneVerse Token:  MetaOneVerse Token works on an autonomous, frictionless, yield farming and liquidity generation protocol. MetaOneVerse Token aims to Bridge MetaVerse Development with NFT Marketplace, P2P games, MetaOne-Verse & Blockchain. This token will be launched by 21 March 2022 on Pink sale and will be subsequently listed on: CMC, PancakeSwap, PooCoin, and CoinGecko. Their smart contract has successfully passed an audit. 

  • 1 Trillion  – Total Supply
  • 40% to burn during the launch
  • 10% team allocation with a range of ownership between 0.5% and 2% per person
  • 5% presale with a max of 0.5% per person held across accounts
  • 12% marketing budget
  • 5% development budget
  • 8% liquidity and exchange listings
  • 30% pooled
  • 6% of every trade is reflected to all holders in $BUSD
  • 1% of every transaction goes into the Liquidity Pool on Pancake swap to create a stable price floor
  • 1% of every transaction is used for strategic Buy-Back & Burn.
  • 4% of every transaction is sent to the marketing wallet to fund marketing, utility development, and community management

NFT Marketplace: MetaOneVerse Marketplace is allowing users to trade NFTs with other community members. MetaOneVerse has an exclusive digital collection of NFTs.

Metaverse: All MetaOneVerse participants can enter a full online multiplayer gaming environment, with fully integrated NFT and crypto-rewards – truly a first of its kind in the crypto-verse.

Blockchain : With development MetaOneVerse will be developing its own Blockchain, the Blockchain will facilitate all transactions, NFT, Marketplace, Tokens trading & Metaverse.

It will be an energy efficient, fastest and scalable blockchain in the industry.

Web3: MetaOneVerse will further develop its own Web3 which will enable user to trade on a decentralized online ecosystem based on the blockchain.Platforms and apps built on Web3 won’t be owned by MetaOneVerse, but rather by users, who will earn their ownership stake by helping to develop and maintain those services.

If we conclude then, MetaOneVerse will have everything in its own ecosystem that many projects show on their roadmap but hardly some of them fulfill it

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