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Digital Asset Academy Launches Relictum NFT Indonesia Platform

Digital Asset Academy Launches Relictum NFT Indonesia Platform

On Saturday, February 26th, 2022, Digital Asset Academy (support system of Relictum Indonesia) inaugurated the opening of Indonesia Creative Economy Expo (IDCEX 2022) and Relictum NFT Indonesia launching. The launch was held at the Kimaya Hotel Bandung, attended by over 100 digital asset investors and the live streaming was watched online by the Digital Asset Academy big family which has more than 126,000 students throughout Indonesia.

IDCEX 2022 was officially launched by Agi Purwa, representing the Governor of West Java. Relictum NFT Indonesia was also officially launched by digital economy expert Dr. Sulistya Putra, Founder of Digital Asset Academy (DAC) and eyewitnessed by Erbe Sentanu, a best-selling author with an audience of more than 1 million readers.

IDCEX Director Lola Haryanti explained that the IDCEX series of events began in Bandung and will continue to other cities throughout Indonesia in 2022.

Dr. Sulistya Putra, Founder of Digital Asset Academy, said that DAC’s mission to hold IDCEX is to provide public education in the digital economy to improve people’s welfare and digital transformation for creative economy stakeholders to strengthen national economic resilience.


“Relictum NFT is based on Blockchain 5.0 Relictum Pro that will improve the quality of NFT with a faster and more reliable platform. Token of R. Relictum NFTs are stored on Relictum Node crypto wallet, making it safer than depositing NFT collections in NFT marketplace such as Opensea which was recently attacked by hackers. Relictum NFT will play a role in developing the creative economy in Indonesia and improving the welfare of many people in the digital era.” added Dr. Sulistya Putra.

Relictum NFT (Non Fungible Token) is a blockchain-based digital certification technology for artworks, intellectual property rights, among other things.

Relictum NFT has the Relictum NFT Premium category for artworks with very high value such as museum collections, renowned artists, figures, artists, athletes, national and international celebrities.

Relictum NFT World for 3D images, memes, photography, animation, and digital art by common people. Relictum NFT Design for architects and industrial design. Relictum NFT Islam for calligraphy and artwork from Islamic cultures of various countries.

The Relictum NFT.Market platform is highly copyright-protective and will implement artificial intelligence for fraud protection on the Relictum NFT marketplace.

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