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BitYard Partnering With Transak – Smooth the Way for Crypto Credit Card Payments 

BitYard Partnering With Transak – Smooth the Way for Crypto Credit Card Payments 

BitYard and credit card service provider – Transak, muscle into India and Mid Asia for 1 billion crypto market.

Transak’s Background

  • Transak enables developers with seamless and easy-to-integrate crypto onboarding infrastructure technologies, in line with their objective of making decentralized applications accessible.
  • Transak has partnered with some of the biggest web3 players, like Polygon, MetaMask, WazirX, and others, to provide API-driven fiat payment options in 100+ countries and cryptos on 30+ blockchains.
  • Transak has added UPI FIAT payment functionality to Metamask, Ledger, Decentraland, WazirX NFT, Terra Station, Anchor, BitYard, and Hiro as part of its India launch.
  • Transak is continuing to invest aggressively in Indian talent as a major market, and will hire 150+ positions locally over the next year.

About the Partnership

In order to give India and Mid Asia crypto users a faster way to trade crypto, BitYard partnered with Transak. They commited to create a convenient and efficient deposting system for its users.Through this partnership, BitYard users are able to purchase crypto-assets instantly through Mastercard/Visa payments and transition easily from fiat to crypto.

Headquartered in Singapore, BitYard is a crypto derivatives exchange offering services in 150+ countries globally. BitYard has continuously optimized and upgraded the platform and has brought many quality trading services to users.

Supported Coin Through Transak Payment


  • Stablecoins : USDT / BUSD / USDC / DAI
  • Main Coins : BTC / ETH / BCH
  • ALT Coins : DOT / MANA / MATIC / BNB / SOL and More!

Fiat Currency::

  • USD
  • INR
  • TRY
  • EUR
  • 100+ Other Fiat

New Event Now! Use Transak Buy Crypto – 0 FEES!

03/01-03/15 Limited time event on BitYard. Users can get the hottest crypto with credit card without paying any trading fees!

Step by step guide: “Fund And Buy Cryptocurrencies With Your Credit Card On BitYard Via TRANSAK”.

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