Citibank Believes Metaverse Market Will Reach $13 Trillion by 2030

The analysts of the international bank Citibank have predicted in a new report that the metaverse economy will reach $13 trillion by 2030.

According to the bank’s experts, the total number of metaverse users by that time will reach 5 billion. According to the report:

“We believe the Metaverse may be the next generation of the internet – combining the physical and digital world in a persistent and immersive manner.”

The bank expects gaming to be the most popular use case for the metaverse. According to analysts, NFTs will act as digital property.

Bitcoin and Ethereum may become the most popular means of payment in the metaverse, but Citibank also recognizes the use of stablecoins and CBDCs:

“Investment will be needed in areas such as compute, storage, network infrastructure, consumer hardware, and game development platforms.”

In October 2021, Facebook made a major rebranding to Meta to demonstrate its commitment to building a metaverse, which it considers “the next evolution of social connectivity.”