PlayStation 5 Hybrid Processors Are Tested in ETH and TON Mining

ASRock has used partially defective hybrid processors (APUs) from the PlayStation 5 to create a mining rig, as reported by a Japanese insider under the nickname KOMACHI_ENSAKA.

According to him, the system is based on SoC chips PlayStation 5 (Ariel/Oberon) manufactured by AMD with a defective central processor. 

Since the device specifications do not list a specific processor, experts assume the basic functionality of the CPU is retained on at least some of the APUs.

AMD has previously adapted PS5 APUs with GPU disabled for mainstream PCs, calling it AMD 4700S.

The ASRock Mining Rig Barebone includes twelve AMD BC-250 chips.

The total system performance is 610 MH/s – the hashrate of one APU is almost 51 MH/s. It is estimated that each chip can bring in about $2 per day when mining Ethereum and TON at the same time.