Crypto Funds for Institutional Investors Experience Largest Capital Inflows in 3 Months

According to the latest report released by analytical company CoinShares, investments made by institutional investors into cryptocurrencies have hit their highest level for the past 3 months.

According to the Digital Asset Fund Flows Weekly Report, crypto-related investment products saw a $193 million inflow last week, hitting a level that was not reached since early December 2021.

December 3 was actually the very last time that inflows into crypto funds approached a similar level, when institutional investors put $184 million into crypto funds.

Most inflows ($98 million), more than 50% of the funds received, have targeted Bitcoin funds.

However, Solana-focused funds have also received some good investments, which amount to $87 million inflows for the past week. According to CoinShares, this figure is the “largest single week of inflows on record.”

Europe has been the largest contributor, as 76% of inflows or about $147 million, came from this continent last week.