Rainmaker Games Announces the First Cross-Chain, GameFi-Exclusive NFT Marketplace

Austin, Texas, 9th June, 2022, Chainwire Rainmaker Games is glad to announce the launch of the world’s first-ever cross-chain, GameFi exclusive NFT Marketplace as part of its popular GameFi platform. For the first time in the GameFi industry, gamers can explore aggregated top NFT listings from across Web3, complete with guides, strategies, and reviews all in one place. This robust […]

Singapore’s Cake DeFi Pays Record US$317 Million in Rewards to Customers

Singapore, Singapore, 7th June, 2022, Chainwire Cake DeFi, the fastest-growing Singapore-based Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform, celebrated its third anniversary today with a key milestone. The company announced that it has paid out over US$317 million in rewards as of end Q1 2022 while continuing to see robust business growth of an average of almost 90% quarter-on-quarter since 2019.  “Our third […]

Thales Announces the Launch of Its New Referral Program

Madrid, Spain, 7th June, 2022, Chainwire Thales announces the launch of its new referral program Thales, an innovative DeFi protocol dedicated to parimutuel markets, has announced the launch of its affiliate referral campaign. The affiliate program will create on-chain incentives to gather new users, allowing them to earn by generating a referral link and sharing it with friends, traders, and […]

Atlendis Labs Announces the Launch of the Atlendis Protocol V1

Paris, France, 7th June, 2022, Chainwire Atlendis, a capital-efficient DeFi protocol that enables crypto loans without collateral, announced today the launch of the Atlendis protocol V1 on Polygon mainnet, a full-stack Ethereum scaling solution. This is a major milestone for Atlendis (formerly known as JellyFi) following its $4.4 million seed funding round and coming a few months after the alpha […]

‘WeCryptoEco’ Opens the World’s Largest Solar Powered Farm to NFT Holders

Essex, United Kingdom, 6th June, 2022, Chainwire WeCryptoEco, the brainchild of business visionaries James Ross and Roderick Chisholm, is exploding onto the scene. Founded in 2022, WeCryptoEco, the environmentally friendly crypto mining project, is changing the process by lessening the impact on the earth’s resources. At WeCryptoEco, the team is building the world’s largest solar-powered blockchain, AI, and bitcoin mining […]

Nexus Dubai Projects: a Whole New Defi World Unveils

Dubai, UAE, 6th June, 2022, Chainwire NXD projects have products that possess amazing use cases for users to explore, such as the Nexus Dubai Token, UAE Merchant Network, Nexidius, and Electrum. NXD’s purpose in writing this press release is to give his readers the opportunity to learn more about these products as well as how they can be a part […]