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Squirrels Club NFT: An Innovative NFT Learning Environment

Squirrels Club NFT: An Innovative NFT Learning Environment

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a revolutionary technology that has garnered attention in many headlines since it went mainstream. With an increasing number of creators leveraging the blockchain to showcase their works through NFTs, it’s not uncommon to see many people joining in on the NFT hype and trying to profit from it.

NFTs generally have a low barrier to entry and are accessible to anybody having a mobile gadget and an internet connection. However, the NFT market is not without its technicalities. It requires its users to have some relevant knowledge before starting to profit from the technology. Interestingly, the Squirrels Club NFT project is here to make things a lot easier for NFT enthusiasts.

The Squirrels Club NFT team consists of time-tested NFT personnel and knowledgeable investors. This team has decided to pull their knowledge together and compile it into an NFT-themed course available as non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Each minted piece of the Squirrels Club NFT will serve as a gateway to unlocking a significant NFT course. This course contains well-detailed information on analyzing the NFT market for quality projects and subsequently making money with them. Upon minting Squirrels Club NFTs, users will have access to private chats with like-minded people, enabling them to communicate with experts on NFTs trading. This will serve as an effective way to stay abreast of information related to NFTs trading.

The Squirrels Club NFT’s mission is to educate, enlighten and teach people about the dynamic NFT ecosystem and how they can make the best from it. This will be a dream come true for new investors who hope to gain a grand entry into the NFTs market or existing investors who have not been so lucky in their NFT ordeals. Additionally, this innovative NFT project will give its users ownership of unique artworks while simultaneously helping to curtail some of the hiccups associated with NFT trading.

The project launches in the end of April.


Phase 1: Official launch of Squirrels Flow discord server and sneak peeks of our primary collection are available to the public.

Phase 2: WL requirements announced, major giveaways, OG role competition.

Phase 3: One of many lessons from the course is available to everyone to check out.

Phase 4: Pre-sale minting website is running and becomes available for whitelisted members.

Phase 5: Public minting goes live for every Squirrels Flow community member.

Phase 6: After sold-out, complete courses become available for every holder.

Phase 7: Launch of our private alpha group in the official Squirrels Flow discord server for holders.

Phase 8: Contribution to holder community with giveaways, exclusive calls, snipes, etc.

Phase 9: Every holder receives whey, which will give the ability to turn your regular Squirrels into Mutant ones.

Phase 10: Second collection detailed announcement. By turning your Squirrel into Mutant ones, you will receive an advanced, improved, and more professional education.

With NFTs gaining ground and being adopted by many individuals and corporations, it won’t be long before it becomes a social currency and a must-have for every internet user. Having a solid knowledge of NFTs should be on your watchlist.


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