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ReiltLion NFTs — World’s 1st Configurable NFT Concept is Live

ReiltLion NFTs — World’s 1st Configurable NFT Concept is Live

The first collection of REIT NFTs — 9999 Magnificent REITLION NFTs are now live for minting together with the configurable concept.

So, what is the configurable NFT concept? Well, NFT lovers visit, click on NFT CONFIGURATOR and start configuring their ReitLion NFT. Right after the configuration, the user can mint the configured NFT through Polygon Network and their minted NFT will be live on the Opensea Marketplace (

The configurable NFT concept is not only so much fun, but also a great investment opportunity. In today’s NFT World, users can only buy pre-configured NFTs. So, one other upside is that with REITLION NFT concept, this will change forever since users will be able to decide what colors, which accesories, which backgrounds, which energy series, which name, etc will exist in the NFT they create. This is a concept which will change the NFT space forever. Please remember that each configured NFT has a unique DNA and a unique NAME chosen by the user. So once minted, each of 9999 REITLION NFTs will be completely unique! For more on REITLIONs, please visit

There are some many features in the REIT configurable NFT concept. There are 5 energy series such as Astronomical energies(Imperial), Stone energies, Color energies, Frequencies and Mandala energies. The REIT NFT series also come with an advanced 3D suit, AI, Virtual Augmented Reality and a magnificent multiverse called Metapera ( The Metapera Project also consists of an advanced DeFi Project (, a precious Gaming concept, JEROCOIN concept ( and the REITCITY concept (

Once the Metapera Metaverse Gaming Concept kicks in, once the REIT Defi upgrades to Version 2 and initiates DAO, the prices of REIT NFTs will be much different! Let us introduce you with the World’s first configured NFT — REITLION #1 ASLUS and World’s second configured NFT — ReitLion #2 SATIUS!

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