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SAFUAPE Introduces $SAPE and $BSAPE Tokens

SAFUAPE Introduces $SAPE and $BSAPE Tokens

The SAFUAPE team is pleased to announce the release of two distinct tokens on its ecosystem. The ecosystem is powered by strong fundamentals and a strong community of unified members with a common goal.

SafuApe is an ERC20 meme ecosystem governed and grown by a strong and unified community powered by strong fundamentals.

The team is KYC by CERTIK and InterFI

SafuApe is registered as LLC in TEXAS

SafuApe is building the safest ecosystem for APES to APE IN by combining two powerful types of smart contracts into one ecosystem that is geared for success, sustainability and longevity.

SafuApe Ecosystem is formed from $SAPE & $BSAPE tokens, with different smart contracts specially designed for success and longevity.

$SAPE is the Genesis Token that will be the governance token in the SafuApe ecosystem.

$BSAPE is the Baby Reward Generator Token infused into SafuApe Ecosystem to give massive capital gains and higher rewards.

The team explained that it is passionate about providing the cryptocurrency community with the safest trading experience by correcting some off the challenges in other competitors’ projects.


$SAPE (Genesis Token)

  •    Total supply: 1,000,000,000,000.
  • Maximum buy: 30,000,000,000.    
  • Maximum wallet size: 30,000,000,000.    
  • Added liquidity: 100% (3 months locked).    
  • Team tokens: No.        
  • Presale: No.        
  • Buy: 5% (2% liquidity, 3% marketing).    
  • Sell: 12% (5% liquidity, 7% marketing).    
  • Sell (2H): 17% (7% liquidity, 10% marketing).
  •     $BSAPE (Baby Reward Token)
  •     Total supply: 1,000,000,000,000.
  • Maximum buy: 20,000,000,000.    
  • Maximum wallet size: 20,000,000,000.    
  • Maximum sell TXN: 10,000,000,000.    
  • Airdrop: To all $APE holders.    
  • Buy: 8% (3% liquidity, 3% marketing and $SAPE buybacks, 2% rewards).    
  • Sell: 16% (6% liquidity, 6% marketing and buybacks, 4% rewards).

Future Utilities

The team also claims to be working on its next batch of utilities. Starting this week, it will release more information about the next project:

For this week, the expected utilities are:

  • Premium or extra rewards based on established future Smart Contract conditions. For instance, holders will receive extra 50% rewards if they hold 0.5% from total supply of $SAPE.(NOTE : YOU NEED TO HOLD $BSAPE TO BE ABLE TO CLAIM REWARDS)
  • Website V2.        
  • Whitepaper V2.        
  • Between 5 and 10 tokens will be listed on SAFU SWAP.        
  • For each listing on SAFU SWAP we are burning 1000$ $SAPE and 1000$ $BSAPE! Total burned value 4000$ (2000$ $SAPE and 2000$ $BSAPE)    
  • Austin Hilton video will be released.    

More utilities are outlined for the coming weeks. Holders can look forward to these:

  • Locked staking: Tokens are locked in a Smart Contract to reduce their circulating supply and maintain a bigger floor price. Stakers will be rewarded for locking up the token. Their reward is determined by the staking period.    
  • BRIDGE TO Binance Smart Chain for SAFUAPE. We’ll continue going on every existing blockchain.        
  • SAFU DAPP will satisfy our investors’ needs and offer them an easy, safe, and fun experience.        
  • NFTs SAPE KINGS Collection: This support staking at different times when the tokens are locked to increase the APY. This can only be minted with $SAPE.    
  • Exclusive     governance DAO that offers holders the right to vote on future decisions or proposals that will affect the entire SAFUAPE ecosystem. For instance, it allows them to decide the type of ER20 token that $SAPE holders can claim as rewards.    

Notable people such as Sandstorm, Adam Shelton, Keith from CVC, and Crypto Realist like what they see with the SAFUAPE project.

SAFUAPE Ecosystem has two tokens: $SAPE & $BSAPE

They both work together, but $BSAPE generates claimable rewards (claim ETH or ANY ERC-20 TOKEN) and $SAPE benefits of auto buybacks from $BSAPE transactions tax.

By having and holding both tokens, their investors benefit from:

– Claimable rewards (50% more rewards if you hold $SAPE + $BSAPE)

– NFT (first 500 $SAPE holders receive an NFT); NFT staking, 100% more rewards if you hold an NFT + $SAPE + $BSAPE

– DAO (for our community to decide which tokens they want as claimable rewards in the future)

– SAFUSWAP – better than Uniswap, auto slippage, no failed transactions, fiat ramp; we ONLY list anti-rug scam-free tokens!

– Buyback as a Service (we want to help small legit projects grow – by offering them ‘auto-funding’ through our smart contract’s auto buyback function; at the same time, their investors will be able to claim as rewards the tokens for which they execute buybacks)

– Auditing, safety, auto-funding of other projects


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