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Vienna-based Trality Announces Its Online Masterclass for Algorithmic Trading

Vienna-based Trality Announces Its Online Masterclass for Algorithmic Trading

Trality, a leading FinTech company headquartered in Vienna, Austria, has launched its inaugural educational offering – the Masterclass. Designed and optimized by industry experts, and completely free for Trality users, the Masterclass provides the skills and confidence needed to trade smarter, more efficiently, and more profitably.

Empowering Traders Through Education

“We here at Trality are strong believers in life-long learning,” says CTO Christopher Helf. “The beauty of algorithmic trading is that it fosters this kind of continued learning perfectly. Due to its quantitative nature, your trading results always provide immediate feedback in terms of how well your algorithm is crafted. Even after years of experience, our users still find new ways to learn and improve their skills.” 

Algorithmic trading, particularly with Python, can be challenging for many people, which is why it’s crucial to have a trusted source of information by your side. In keeping with its community-driven ethos, Trality’s Masterclass provides a comprehensive framework of instruction for everyone.

Overview and Learning Outcomes

The Masterclass consists of 4 modules of approximately 20 minutes each. Traders can immerse themselves in clear, step-by-step tutorials covering the entire trading process, from setting realistic expectations and managing risk to the “nuts and bolts” of creating, testing, and optimizing a complete trading strategy.

The Masterclass course content covers a number of key thematic areas:

  • Setting up for trading success
  • Understanding market cycles
  • Strategy building blocks
  • A mean reversion strategy case study

Start exploring the full range of Masterclass content by visiting:

Automated investing, for everyone!

Trality’s bold vision sees a future in which everything is automated by bots, especially investing. By offering the most advanced tools for bot creation, Trality continues to attract the best bot creators while also welcoming traders of all experience levels. It’s this commitment to market-leading research and innovation that continues to inform Trality’s goal of bringing automated, algorithmic trading to all who need it.

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