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Blockster Announces a Media Partnership with Bitcoin2022

Blockster Announces a Media Partnership with Bitcoin2022

Blockster has secured a premium press space at the Miami Beach Convention Center. They will be providing a livestream of in-depth coverage of the event from 6th-9th April, 2022. Bitcoin2022 and Blockster are both based in Miami. Given their shared local roots, Blockster is excited to forge a media partnership with Bitcoin2022.

This partnership brings together two leaders in the world of Bitcoin who are actively involved in the Miami crypto and blockchain community.

“Blockster tells the most interesting stories in crypto – and we’ll be sharing these stories with our global community straight from the crypto capital of the world.” — Lidia Yadlos, Co-Founder of Blockster

You can watch the livestream on all of the Blockster channels:





Blockster and Bitcoin2022 Form Partnership for 2022 Conference

This marks a historic collaboration within the Bitcoin community, both in Miami and globally. Blockster recognizes that global impact originates from a local focus.

Blockster is a thought leader in the crypto industry, with a community-focused ecosystem that gives users around the world the ability to discover, connect, learn and earn crypto. The Blockster platform is positioned to become the Gateway to Crypto–connecting the most influential and impactful personalities in the industry.

Blockster will be live streaming from Bitcoin2022, delivering continuous coverage and real-time interviews with industry leaders. Blockster gives you a virtual VIP pass to this exclusive event!

As one of the most significant crypto events globally, Bitcoin2022 boasts over 35K attendees, 450 speakers, 400 sponsors, 3K companies, and 100 artists–all crammed into four days of cryptocurrency festivities.

“This partnership between Blockster and Bitcoin2022 is an exciting venture and we are so happy to be working with such a respected brand,” says Gabrielle Pelicci, Communications Director at Blockster. “We can’t wait for the conference to begin!”

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