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Meme Kong – Setting The Standard For Meme Coins

Meme Kong – Setting The Standard For Meme Coins

Meme Kong is a brand new, full utility token project providing investor benefits that most meme community tokens lack. Launched on February 2, 2022, $MKONG is completely decentralized finance (DeFi), ERC-20 token, created by a fully doxxed team with a vision to create a safe, vetted project that provides its holders with a reason to invest with confidence.

Chris Thomann, the founder of Meme Kong, began his career on Wall Street at just the age of 20, quickly expanding into the banking and medical industry. Since then, Chris has amassed several medical clinics and a FinTech company. Additionally, he has a very extensive Venture Capital background that he brings into Crypto and Meme Kong.

Meme Kong is composed of two Project Managers, Erik Garza (US) and Ben Pickett (UK) who have known each other for over 20 years. Erik has also realized success in various medical companies, as well as the insurance industry. Ben, on the other hand, brings his abundant network in high-end hospitality and his ability to bridge relationships with the team.

Meme Kong launched with a 6 figure liquidity and has a unique set of tokenomics, with 9% on both buys and sells. With a 200 million total supply, 42.5% was locked for staking and exchange listing, leaving a current total of circulating supply at over 100 million tokens.

Unlike most common meme tokens, $MKONG has a roadmap divided into four phases.  The first phase focuses on post-launch exposure to drive investor interest in the project. The well-connected team at Meme Kong has plans to fund social media marketing campaigns and has already begun with social influencers and celebrities.  Additionally, Phase One includes the completion of a CertiK audit, which is the gold standard of cryptocurrency audits.

Phase Two of the roadmap brings the first utility to the project with an NFT Marketplace, $MKONG staking, and merchandise development. Meme Kong also plans on introducing their first game mechanics in this stage, such as an $MKONG poker game and supercar rally.

Phase Three will deliver the $MKONG token on multiple exchanges, as well as the development of a launchpad. The launchpad will have three separate categories, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Unlike other Launchpads that can fail due to developer inexperience, the team at Meme Kong is dedicated to delivering a launchpad experience unlike any other.

The final stage will reveal an interactive Play-to-Earn game where Rulers go to war with each other in pursuit of winning plots of land within the Lootverse, one of the most advanced Metaverses in production to date.

The mission of Meme Kong is to provide a safe, fun, utility-abundant project where holders can invest with confidence.  The Meme Kong Telegram voice chat is open 24/7 to allow accessibility to new members and the option to openly ask questions. The team has collectively experienced the viral impact of cryptocurrency scams in the space and has formed a project that they hope will set a standard for how meme projects should operate with full transparency and real utility. Find all the features of token projects in one King Kong of a token while you confirm your trust with a team on a mission to deliver a safe space. As Project Manager Erik Garza states, “The days of anonymity with no accountability are over in this space.”.


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