Meme Chain Capital Moves To Next Level: Aims To Be The Future Silicon Valley of Crypto, To Buy Elon Island

Meme Chain Capital ($MEMES) is uniting the Crypto world by formulating the first crypto hub of its kind in the crypto-friendly Bahamas, and is proud to announce its further step. This initiative will include over 100 projects and partnerships to raise over $50 million in NFTs to buy Elon Island to serve as their world headquarters.

The NFTs created for the initiative will represent passports that grant access to Elon Island. Only a certain limited number of these NFT passports will ever be minted, resulting in scarcity and exclusivity for passport owners.

“Our objective has always been to bring stability to meme projects. We hope by using responsible investing fundamentals and techniques, we can transform the meme coin industry to be one of the biggest parts of the crypto universe.”

— @Ralfyishere, Strategic Advisor

Founded by traditional finance professionals, Meme Chain Capital invests in meme crypto projects and provides passive income to investors in $BUSD rewards. Their team spends a lot of time analyzing different projects, performing proper due diligence, and providing world-class educational content.

About Meme Chain Capital

Meme Chain Capital ($MEMES) is a meme crypto project located on the Binance Smart Chain. Founded in 2022, MEMES has invested in multiple meme crypto projects and provided over 200 unique educational pieces to crypto investors. The MEMES’ development team is dedicated to bringing the #MemeLife to the masses, and to elevating meme culture higher than when it was.



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Company Name: Memedao

Contact Name: Ralfyishere



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