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Popular BTM Operator: Bitcoin of America Adds Dogecoin to Their Bitcoin ATMs

Popular BTM Operator: Bitcoin of America Adds Dogecoin to Their Bitcoin ATMs

Bitcoin of America is a popular virtual currency exchange, registered as a money services business with the United States Department of Treasury (FinCEN)(RegNum). Apart from ensuring a fast and hassle-free transaction, they are known for their customer support. Bitcoin of America has announced their newest addition to their Bitcoin ATM machines (BTMs). Dogecoin is now available at Bitcoin of America ATM locations.

Bitcoin of America added Ethereum in October of last year. They recognized the growing popularity of Dogecoin and decided it was time to include it in their BTMs. To date, Bitcoin of America has 1800 plus BTMs across 31 states. Bitcoin of America also offers Bitcoin and Litecoin options online and at their BTM locations. To find a BTM you can visit their website and enter in your address to find the nearest one.

Bitcoin of America has made several updates to their machines and services over the past year. In May of last year, Bitcoin of America announced their new Universal Kiosk. The new universal kiosk combines the capabilities of a traditional ATM with a Bitcoin ATM and offers 3 main functions. The first is the traditional ATM feature where customers can dispense cash from a debit card. The second function is being able to buy cryptocurrency with cash. The last is that customers can sell crypto in return for cash.

Bitcoin of America also offers a host program for store owners who are interested in cryptocurrency or are just looking to earn extra income. Bitcoin of America takes care of their host locations by providing them with passive income, increased foot traffic, and marketing. They even handle customer support and any maintenance/installation services.

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