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MACHAON CARE’s LemonChain (LEMC), Listed on Probit Global

MACHAON CARE’s LemonChain (LEMC), Listed on Probit Global

LemonChain (LEMC), a token for the global healthcare Metaverse ecosystem, was listed under USDT Fair on Probit Global, which is ranked 38th in Coin Market Cap, on March 17th, 2022.

Lemonchain’s healthcare ecosystem is structured to reduce information asymmetry between medical institutions and patients by allowing individuals to easily access to their medical information and utilizing data. And it’s allowed to distribute profits among stakeholders.

Also, in the Lemonchain’s ecosystem, participating patients and the general public are recognized as the core values of data construction. Therefore, they become an active partnership relationship, not a just paasive participant in this ecosystem.

As ecosystem-building partners, they will participate in policy design and supervision, discuss new data consent models, and explore user-centered approaches together.

In addition, the Lemonchain project plans to decentralize personal information in the healthcare field and convert it into a patient-centered life-cycle healthcare ecosystem. This project is expected to enable reliable information exchange, solve various healthcare-related scientific questions in the short or mid- to long-term. And they will continue to focus on researching “Participant rights.”

The goal is to secure visibility and transparency of healthcare data with blockchain technology to establish an efficient network based on multiple collaborations that are impossible in the existing medical ecosystem, while expanding the healthcare ecosystem by participating in the platform.

Kwang-young Park, the CEO of MACHAON CARE, said:

The innovative change is occurring in the paradigm of the healthcare ecosystem in global, but the smart healthcare ecosystem has not been activated yet.”

Also, LemonChain official said:

“With the listing on Probit Global, we will continue to expand to global market and list on additional global exchanges,” and “Lemon Chain will take the lead in solving pending issues in the current medical ecosystem.”

Meanwhile, LemonChain is preparing to launch a number of DApps connected to its ecosystem, and the Metaverse platform is preparing to launch by the second half.

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