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StandAgainstWar: Aiding the Fight in Ukraine Through Blockchain Technology 

StandAgainstWar: Aiding the Fight in Ukraine Through Blockchain Technology 

It seems as if most of the world is doing whatever they can to offer support to Ukraine, and it was only a matter of time before a project like StandAgainstWar came into the picture to unite the blockchain community. A joint effort is never overlooked, and with the war in Ukraine growing worse each day, a project like this one can act as light at the end of a dark tunnel. 

What is StandAgainstWar All About?

StandAgainstWar is committed to providing support to Ukraine through charitable donations, all of which are funded by blockchain-based digital art sales. Blockchain technology and the use of smart contracts allow donors to see where the money is going, and understand that they are truly making a difference in the Ukraine war effort.

Peace Nightingales – An Exclusive NFT Collection

Peace Nightingales is a unique and exclusive NFT collection that is ripe for minting. If you’re an NFT or crypto enthusiast, this is something you likely won’t want to miss out on. This NFT project was created with the sole purpose of providing aid to war-tarnished countries like Ukraine, and it does so by donating 90% of the total price of each minted NFT.

Whenever you purchase a Peace Nightingale of your own, it’s almost like checking two tasks off of your bucket list at once. Not only are you given an opportunity to own an exclusive NFT, but you can also do so while interacting with the crypto community and donating to the war-stricken region of Ukraine. 

Donations Directly to NGOs

The donations are sent to the ETH wallets of 17 different NGO operations, all of which are providing assistance in Ukraine as we speak. If you wanted to verify your transaction as a donor, the IDs are readily available on the blockchain – to put things into layman’s terms, there’s no way you can get “scammed” by donating through StandAgainstWar.

Constantly Growing

The remaining 10% will be spent on the development, marketing, and overall maintenance of the StandAgainstWar project. Not only that but 90% of the royalties obtained from the resale of any minted NFTs will be contributed right back into the ETH wallets of our partnered NGOs. All of this is automated. 

How Does This Help Ukraine?

StandAgainstWar is a project that thrives on community interaction and provides social support for a country that is in desperate need of it. By simply minting a Peace Nightingale, you can directly support a cause that many people all over the globe would love to help with themselves. 

The project is currently partnered with 17 different NGOs (like Project HOPE) that are working diligently to provide on-ground support to Ukraine by sending medical aid to healthcare workers, supplying food and shelter to the families, educating children and so much more!

Which NGOs Does StandAgainstWar Support?

They are doing whatever they can to help Ukrainians rebuild their lives, and this is an opportunity for you to directly assist them with that. All 17 of the non-profit organizations that they are partnered with currently would be: 

Food for Life (Global-Americas)

Project HOPE

World Central Kitchen

Global Fund for Children

Danish Refugee Council

Direct Relief

United Way Worldwide

SOS Children’s Villages

ActionAid USA

Save the Children



Mercy Corps


International Fund for Animal Welfare

WONDER Foundation

Committee to Protect Journalists 

Want to Learn More About Stand Against War?

If you’re looking to make a difference in Ukraine, and help a country that’s riddled with war take back its humanity, this is your chance! Some people are willing to go over there and fight themselves, but if you can’t do that, joining the StandAgainstWar family is arguably the next best thing.

With a team that’s rich in experience when it comes to running successful crypto projects, this certainly seems like something you don’t want to miss out on. Learn more about the project and stay updated for a release date by checking out StandAgainstWar’s official website and adding them on TelegramTwitterDiscord, and Instagram.

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