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Crypto4Winners Looks to Offer a Unique Trading Platform With a Wide Range of Useful Features 

Crypto4Winners Looks to Offer a Unique Trading Platform With a Wide Range of Useful Features 

Crypto4Winners (C4W) strives to actively manage customers’ BTCETH, and USDT to offer them a source of consistent passive income by increasing the number of their respective crypto assets. To that end, C4W has several pools such as BTC Pool, ETH Pool, and Global Crypto Pool. 

Ultimately, the team wants to offer a unique trading platform that can help provide security and reliable investment strategies to crypto-friendly individuals. There is also currently no competition regarding such a platform, thereby increasing the utility and value offered by C4W’s services and features.

Simply ‘hodling’ won’t cut it anymore

Buying and holding a crypto asset for an extended period does not guarantee a profit. The investor would likely lose money in the long run, mainly because cryptocurrencies are often volatile and unpredictable. As a result, only hodling cryptocurrency cannot be considered a viable way to generate passive income.

As such, the C4W team claims that despite the unpredictable nature of the cryptocurrency industry, long-term appreciation is still worth believing in, given this sector’s sheer growth and trading volume on a global scale. The Crypto4Winners platform is hence meant for those crypto investors and traders. They may not have the time to manage their digital assets successfully and want to accumulate additional crypto assets in a transparent, safe and trustworthy manner. To that end, the investment pools can help C4W’s users to generate high returns through the utilisation of BTCETH or USDT

The investment pools

The BTC Pool was the first pool to be formed in July 2019, with a minimum investment of 0.03 BTC required to join. The strategies involved include storing 50% of BTC in a cold wallet and splitting and managing 50% of BTC daily by an experienced team of traders. The ETH Pool, which shares the same characteristics as the BTCPool, was introduced in April 2021. The minimum investment to join this pool is 1.0 ETH. This pool’s strategies are the same as that of the BTC Pool.

Finally, the Global Crypto Pool’s purpose is to build a diversified portfolio of crypto-assets invested in multiple ways. The Global Crypto Pool was created in January 2022, with a minimum investment of 10.000 USDT required to join. Holding, trading, staking, lending, and yield farming are all viable strategies involved with this pool.

Future goals

Regarding future goals, the team shall focus on hiring more talented individuals such as crypto analysts, starting and distributing an external communication campaign to raise company recognition (and spread reassuring messages), and creating and disseminating information about the Ledger collaboration. C4W will also do its best to retain its current customers while attracting new ones, with the goal being to have 5,000 clients by the end of 2022.

About Crypto4Winners

The C4W team comprises highly skilled individuals with an extensive understanding of emerging technologies, the Internet, blockchain, and asset management. It also consists of IT developers, business developers, and seasoned traders.

BTCETH, and USDT are handled by a team of 5 professional crypto and FX traders that oversee daily risk and money management of trading tactics (including day trading, scalping, and algorithmic trading), investing (including fundamental examination of various cryptocurrency projects), and yield tactics (including staking, yield farming, and so on along with continuous monitoring concerning yield/risk-return). Furthermore, there are no fees involved other than those associated with performance.

Additionally, C4W has established vital partnershipswith Chainalysis and Ledger. There is also the ‘Referral’ program, which has a single level. The referrer receives 10% of the recommended user’s net profits for each referred user. The cryptocurrency is credited to the appropriate user’s dashboard under the section “Referral.” The 10% commission given to the referrer will be deducted from 20% of the performance fee C4W is paid based on the net daily performance of BTCand ETH pools. Also, 50% of the performance fee C4W gets compensated based on the Global Crypto Pool’s net monthly performance. For more information, check out the official website.

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