Do Kwon’s Extradition to US is Revoked Again

Do Kwon’s Extradition to US is Revoked Again

The extradition of Do Kwon, co-founder of Terraform Labs, has been revoked for a second time by the Montenegro Court of Appeals.

This decision came after his defense attorneys filed an appeal, arguing that the High Court’s December ruling to extradite him to South Korea or the US was not legally valid.

This is the second time Do Kwon has successfully appealed the High Court’s decision, with the first ruling being overturned on December 14. However, on December 29, the High Court again upheld the extradition requests, leading to a second appeal by Do Kwon’s defense team in January.

The Court of Appeals cited flaws in the handling of the extradition process, including a lack of clear reasons and facts in the High Court’s decision.

They also noted issues with the order in which the requests from South Korea and the US arrived, leading to their decision to revoke the extradition. The case will now be sent back to the first-instance court for further consideration.