DEX PancakeSwap Launches a Gaming Marketplace

DEX PancakeSwap Launches a Gaming Marketplace

Decentralized exchange PancakeSwap has debuted a new platform for Web3 games that supports NFTs and CAKE tokens.

“The introduction of this platform is not just another feature,” the project stated.

“It is a significant step towards the exciting world of blockchain gaming, driven by our community’s passion and the limitless potential of GameFi.”

The platform is now live and welcomes third-party developers to publish their games.

The initial release includes two flagship games from PancakeSwap – Pancake Protectors and Pancake Mayor.

Pancake Protectors is a tower defense strategy game with PvP elements, featuring NFTs such as the PancakeSquad and Pancake Bunnies collections and support for CAKE tokens.

According to the exchange, the new project has already attracted over 25,000 daily users and has performed well during peak times. Training videos for beginners have also been created by the developers.