Anonymous Hackers Hack All-Russian State Television and Radio Company

Anonymous hackers have reported the NB65 group, associated with them, has hacked the All-Russian State Television and Radio Company (VGTRK), and has promised to make the stolen data public.

According to the hackers, they have stolen about 870 GB of VGTRK information.

The holding includes channels “Russia-1”, “Russia-2”, “Russia 24”, “RTR-Planet” and others. The group has said:

“War is peace, ignorance is strength: how not to fall prey to propaganda.”

Anonymous has declared a cyber war on Russia amid the invasion of Ukraine.

Hackers hacked Russian TV channels and streaming services Wink and Ivi, broadcasting footage of the war in Ukraine. Later, they reported on the hacking of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and 28 GB published 28 GB of data that allegedly belongs to the central bank.