The Price of the yEarn Finance Token Falls by 11%

The Price of the yEarn Finance Token Falls by 11%

Fantom Foundation senior solutions architect Anton Nell and DeFi ecosystem lead developer and yEarn Finance founder Andre Cronje have decided to leave the crypto industry.

Nell has said:

“Unlike previous angry statements like ‘DeFi development sucks,’ this is not a kneeling reaction to the criticism received after the release of the project, but a decision that we have already been thinking about for a while. Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the past few years.”

According to him, they will cease to cooperate on 25 projects, including yEarn Finance, Multichain and the recently launched Solidly Exchange. Some of these products may eventually close as a result of the departure of these developers.

Solidly Exchange has already warned users that from April 3, 2022, they will lose access to the service.

The prices of tokens and other projects that Cronje was working on have collapsed. For example, the cost of yEarn Finance (YFI) fell by 11% in a few hours, while Multichain (MULTI) crashed by almost 20%.

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